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Women Who Inspire: Elizabeth Bailey, owner of Wildbird Threads

Our next Women Who Inspire blog guest is the owner of WIldbird Threads, an eco-conscious outdoor apparel company and one of our 2019 sponsors. We are stoked to be sharing what keeps Elizabeth motivated, and hope you'll check out our custom item collaboration at: Read below to see what has inspired Elizabeth to pursue her dreams!

What inspired you to pursue your unique path?

After strictly printing custom apparel for other businesses and organizations, we wanted to start our own retail line but wanted it to be more than just a store. We wanted to find a way to connect people who love nature and outdoor adventuring, and combine that with giving back to environmental protection and education organizations. We wanted to inspire others to fall in love with nature and, in doing so, take action to help protect her. Not being artists ourselves, we found that to be another potential connection: collaborating with amazing artists who also love the outdoors and giving back.

What skills did you have, and what skills did you have to learn or are you still learning in pursuit of your goals?

I've always been pretty outgoing and resourceful with people, so reaching out to connect has come easily, especially when it's aspects about which I'm passionate, like sustainability and outdoor adventuring. And my husband and I had a strictly custom apparel printing business before launching wildbird threads, so I've been learning the printing aspect for a while now. However, the business component was completely foreign! I'm still learning so much about running a business.

What was the hardest obstacle you’ve overcome on your journey?

Learning to not take things personal! It's my challenge with everything in my life, but particularly in business you just can't take things personal. I think it's also a bit more difficult when we're talking about sustainability and environmental protection--those things often ARE so personal, and it's difficult to see people who don't really care or who are just using the outdoor industry as a stepping stone for profit rather than a true desire to evoke change and give back.

What keeps you inspired?

Nature and outdoor adventuring is my constant source of inspiration, but I'm mostly driven by the potential for connection nature affords: first and foremost connection to my true self, next connection to my partner and kids, but also a connection to a greater sense of community. We're all in this together, after all!

What lesson have you learned in your pursuits of your dreams which you would share with others to empower them?

I would encourage others to keep pushing through the obstacles, because they will always pop up, and often you won't see them coming. See those obstacles positively as an opportunity for growth rather than as a negative. And stay true to yourself and your boundaries. Don't short change yourself just to put yourself out there more; trust that it will happen organically by you remaining true to what drives you.

Find Elizabeth's work at:


Instagram: @wildbirdthreads

Use code: WomenofColorado for 15% off your purchase at!

Women of Colorado & WIldbird Threads

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