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Our Founder

      Michelle founded Women of Colorado because of her strong belief that women should use their skills and stoke to spread knowledge among the female community of athletes and artists. As someone who experienced difficulty in her early life regarding friendships with women and the loss of her mother, seeing the encouragement and judgement free attitude of women in Colorado inspired her to unite rad women wanting to share the stoke. Michelle truly believes that the community created by the Women of Colorado represents some of the greatest female athletes and artists in the world, and works to share her vision of women's empowerment with all that she comes into contact with. Women of Colorado provides a community of people brought together by their kindness, talents, and their drive to improve their environment and the lives of others. Originally from Chicago, Michelle has a passion for the wilderness of Colorado and enjoys traveling and exploring the world beyond. She finds a wealth of knowledge and fun in the adventures which take her outside of the comfort zone.

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