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Insight into our Ambassador Program

Note before article:

Our Ambassador program is like none other. It is a customized program that allows each ambassador to use their interests, skills & time to grow in their own lifestyle. We thrive off creating personable, realistic ambassador activities, and allowing our ambassadors the freedom to participate in events they choose as well as create.

Here is just one of our ambassadors testimonials about how the ambassador program has helped her pursuits. Enjoy!

- Michelle, Founder- Women of Colorado

In December of 2017, I thumbed through Instagram and found the Women of Colorado. I remember thinking, “I am a woman in Colorado, I need to follow them!”

I got to talking with Michelle, about being an ambassador and leading events in the Vail Valley and I got so excited! Not only is she amazing and fully willing to support my ideas and passion, she also wants to connect ladies on a adventurous level, and involve wellness as well!

I had just gotten my 200 RYT to teach yoga and thought "this is such a great way to be able to teach to the amazing woman in this beautiful state!"

So far, I’ve had the opportunity to lead three meet and greet yoga classes in collaboration with Women of Colorado. Each is donation based, and allows me to invite students from the area which are friends, as well as to bring new women to class through Women of Colorado. A couple of our yoga classes incorporated CBD topicals and one was led in the beautiful outdoors. It feels like I’m just hanging out with a group of friends who love the same things I love!

It’s pretty awesome being part of a group of women who love and want to support other women! It’s what we need more of today! I can’t wait to go on the retreat this winter and get some quality time with other amazing chicks!

Kirstie Lovelace

IG: @k_love_yoga

FB: Kirstie Lovelace Yoga

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