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What Sets Women of Colorado Apart

With the emergence of so many women's groups across the globe, it's natural to ask yourself- what makes Women of Colorado any different from other women's communities?

When I set out creating Women of Colorado, I wanted to enhance the environment for inspired and empowered women of all backgrounds to flourish. From artists to athletes, from yoga teachers to beer drinkers and everything in between, Women of Colorado encompasses a community which is unique and unlike any other.

Seeing so much content on social media repeating the same type of image and activity over and over is extremely discouraging, especially when it comes to women in the outdoors. Not only does it make for an environment which is selective and doesn't emphasize individuality , it enforces the idea that doing certain activities and having certain interests is somehow superior to others. Whether you're conquering mountains or conquering a Netflix series, there's no reason for anyone to be excluded from our group. There is no one way to be a Women of Colorado.

Empowerment is loving and accepting people exactly where they're at, without any expectations of what they should be. Unconditional love is how we lift each other up, not exclusivity. I greatly look forward to continuing to work on uniting women of all interests, abilities & backgrounds to create a women's community which is not exclusive or based on selective interests. Women of Colorado is unlike any other women's community in the country for this very reason and I am thankful for the opportunity to foster growth for women from all walks of life.

With much love,


Founder, Women of Colorado

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