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Women of Colorado Ambassadors represent the wide array of talented, empowered & connected women who unite others at events across the state.


We are not "just another" ambassador program.

We play an active role in our community, and inspire others through

our dedication. Each ambassador develops their own vision, talents, interests as well as cultivating new experiences within the program.

2024 Applications are Closed

Meet Our Ambassadors

Women of Colorado Events

Grand Junction

  • Doralene

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Doralene was born in, and spent that majority of her life living in the Caribbean, where her passion for sailing grew into a thirst to explore the world. She's sailed and lived all over the world, now residing in Grand Junction for the past five years. She loves mountain biking, sailing, running, swing dance, and seeking adventures. In her down time shes out traveling or reading. Her philosophy is "if you're not living live on the edge, you're taking up too much space." Doralene is a true supporter of the Colorado women's community, which is regularly demostrated through her commitment to local organizations. 


Colorado Springs

  • Alexea

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Alexea moved from Indiana to Colorado a decade ago and has fully immersed herself into the CO life. She works as Director of Communications at Visit Colorado Springs and loves exploring during her free time. Now a mom of two littles, Alexea is always looking for kid-friendly outdoor adventures and new experiences to enjoy with new friends. She is a firm believer that new phases of life can be even more adventurous and fulfilling. Look out for events like BYOK (bring your own kid) hikes, park play dates + some much-needed mom meet-ups sans kiddos. 


Colorado Springs 

  • Madeline

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Originally from a small rural town on the east coast, Maddie has always been drawn towards nature. She enjoys backpacking, skiing, fishing, and camping. If she’s not out exploring you can find her at a brewery or with a slice of pizza in her hand. Currently, she works as an event director for USA Field Hockey and teaches Pure Barre in COS. 


Colorado Springs 

  • Crystal

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Crystal was born and raised in Pennsylvania, leaving home to explore the world and serve her country in the United States Air Force. After a successful 24 year career she decided to make Colorado her home and embark on a new career as a contractor with the Space Force. She is a proud boy mom to a teenager and two adult sons that live in Denver. When she’s not out on an adventure with her boys she enjoys hiking, MTBing, off-roading, kayaking , paddle boarding, rafting, skiing, snowshoeing…just about any outdoor adventure she can get into! She is excited to join the ambassador team to help get women into the great outdoors, experience awesome adventures and forge new friendships along the way! 


Colorado Springs

  • Nicole

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Colorado was always meant to be home for Nicole and her family. She loves being outdoors, enjoys the beauty of Colorado, and is and living the dream with her daughter and husband. When she is not outside caring for horses with chiropractic or operating as co-owner of an ebike rental company, you will find her riding her horses in any canyon she can find, biking up Pikes Peak, hiking a new trail, braving a climb up a new wall, swimming in the reservoirs, or enjoying the hot springs. Nicole is excited to be a Colorado Springs ambassador, leveraging amazing outdoor experiences to bring women together, with a special focus on events that are inclusive for moms with small kids to join too! 

Dana Green 2023.JPG


  • Dana

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Growing up on the east coast, Dana now enjoys the slower pace of life she has become accustomed to since moving to Durango over 2 years ago. She discovered her love for the outdoors in her late 20’s as a
necessary outlet when diagnosed with endometrial cancer. Now a cancer survivor and new mom, Dana enjoys spending her time in the outdoors, often with her husband, dogs, and son. When not nerding out
on digital marketing and ecommerce, she advocates for endometrial cancer awareness in young women and promotes animal welfare through ongoing service in the local Durango community, including
volunteering at horse rescues and fostering dogs in need of a good home. In her free time, she has a passion for photography, wildlife, sustainability, fishing, camping and travel. Dana is thrilled to be part of
this community and can’t wait to share some adventures in the San Juans together!



  • Anna

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Anna has been in Colorado for about 15 years. After growing up in eastern PA, she went to school in Indiana and then meandered her way into Colorado where she automatically felt at home. Anna loves to find new, gorgeous, crowd-less  hiking trails. You can find her in the mountains year round. She has a knack for finding ‘off the beaten path’ breweries, wineries, small towns and hot springs. It brings her joy to suggest her favorite spots to friends and family. She’s made a home and built a community for herself in Denver and can’t wait to share her adoration for Colorado with others!



  • Sharlene

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Sharlene is a born and raised Delawarean who moved to Louisville, Colorado nine years ago once her kids were grown. She’s trying to catch up on lost time as a flat lander. She is a frequent hiker, an avid backpacker, a camper, a skier (resort and backcountry), and road tripper. She also enjoys kayaking/SUP, biking, thrifting, and trying new things with the Women of Colorado!



  • Ali

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Ali moved to Colorado from Illinois in 2013 and never looked back. She loves to hike, climb, run, bike- pretty much do anything that will get her outside as much as possible! She is currently working her way through the Colorado 14ers and is always looking for more ways to explore and play in the mountains! In the rest of her free time between work and school, Ali likes to travel, read, do yoga, play guitar, photography, and  spend lots of quality time with her husky, Koda.



  • Heidi

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Heidi was born and raised in the Central Valley of California (Fresno) and moved to Colorado in 2015 on a whim.  Looking for new adventures, good beer, stellar music and mountains to adventure around in, is exactly what she found and then some.  Heidi enjoys live music, swimming, paddle boarding, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, hot springs, fishing, landscape photography, spiritual-empowerment mentoring.   Her desire is to bring like minded women together and help show them what being a Women of Colorado truly is.  Heidi is excited to embrace her role as an ambassador and cannot wait to meet women from all over Colorado!

Women's Events in Colorado


  • Dani

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Danielle (Dani) has been living in the Denver area for almost 5 years now. She grew up in California, moved to Flagstaff and got a BSN, then made the move to Colorado to beginning a pediatric nursing career. Dani has always been extremely grateful for her career and days off because it lets her explore Colorado in ways she never imagined possible! Her favorite hobbies are snowboarding/skiing, camping, hiking, backpacking, paddle boarding, taking my dogs to breweries, soccer intramurals, and volunteering! She can’t wait to start this ambassador journey and lead women to amazing new friendships and incredible adventures! 



  • Shauna

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Shauna moved to Colorado 8 years ago with the sole intention to move back to California after she completed her masters program, but Colorado had other things in store for her. Shauna quickly fell in love with the mountains and everything else CO has to offer and also fell in love with her fiancee. Shauna loves all things outdoors and you can find her either training for a half marathon, lounging on a paddle board, hiking a mountain, camping, rock climbing, taking a yoga class, enjoying a hot spring or hanging with her dogs. She makes it a priority to do the things she loves which is why she believes movement and being outside are crucial for our mental health and loves connecting with women through adventure. Shauna is so excited to embrace her role as an ambassador and can't wait to connect with women all over Colorado!

Women of Colorado Ambassador


  • Katie

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Katie is originally from Southern California, has worked abroad in Europe, and landed in Denver in 2016 in search of good skiing and beer. She loves bringing people together, and when she's not looking for fun things to do in the city with friends, you can find her in the mountains skiing, snow-shoeing, camping, hiking, tubing, and taking advantage of 300 days of sunshine in this beautiful state. She's most looking forward to meeting new girlfriends and trying new things, like mountain biking next year!

Women of Colorado Ambassador Haley


  • Haley

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Haley has been a resident of beautiful Colorado for many years. She leads an active lifestyle and enjoys down hill skiing in the winter and hiking in the summer. Haley is also a certified yoga teacher and travel lover, who has backpacked across Europe. She has led hikes and yoga for our community, sharing her love of the San Juan Mountains and fresh air with our community. Haley was the FIRST EVER Women of Colorado ambassador and has been with our crew since 2017. 



  • Alaina

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Alaina was born and raised in Iowa but moved to Colorado in 2019. She loves exploring the mountains with her husband and German Shepherd. Some of her favorite hobbies are fly fishing small streams, hiking, backpacking, hunting small and large game, snowshoeing, and her newest endeavor of snowboarding. In addition to her outdoor activities, she loves sewing and being crafty as much as possible. She can't wait to meet up with some adventurous women like herself and make some great memories.

Women of Colorado Retreat

Colorado Springs

  • Celina

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Celina Celeste is a creative, herbalist and hiker. As an aspiring herbalist and environmentalist, Celina is learning about how to shift the ways in which we as humans can coincide and connect with the Earth and reconnect to our true nature. Celina has also created Earth's Elements Apothecary to help people on their spiritual journeys to help further connect to themselves, and the Earth. Celina grew up deeply connected to the Colorado mountains and landscapes, searching for meaning to her comic roots , and found healing in the Earth. Her desire is to support you on your own unfolding of your soul, and to connect you to the Earth for your own healing and the healing of the collective.



  • Gabriela

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Gabriela is an indigenous Mayan Guatemalan woman who discovered mountain biking in 2022 and has now raced cross-country and begun downhill mountain biking. Her transformation did not stop with mountain biking, as the things she has learned have inspired her in other areas of her life. Gabriela has also started trying new sports, like cross country and paddle boarding. This year, she even plans to begin skiing which she had never considered until a bike took her on a chairlift. She is excited to see what else 2024 has in store! Gabriela is glad to be representing of Women of Colorado and looks forward to sharing her stoke and her heritage with the community!

Women of Colorado Events


  • Ryan

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Ryan was born and raised in Colorado, enjoying life in Aspen until she moved to the southwest where she's a mother to an amazing daughter and office manger at her husbands' dental office. She currently attends the University of Phoenix online and is studying criminal justice. In her free time she loves to be outside whether it’s camping, hiking, paddle boarding, skiing, Pilates and traveling. Ryan brings her friendliness and zest for life into all she does. She says "I am honored to be a part of such an amazing group as Women of Colorado, which is filled with fun and really awesome women!"

Women of Colorado Retreat


  • Mckenzie

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Mckenzie found Colorado to be her true home 6 years ago after packing up whatever could fit in her '99 Jeep Cherokee, leaving behind little New England to tackle bigger mountains. Mckenzie is a woman of adventure who promotes female empowerment in the outdoor community. Alongside her job in the tech industry, she is also a health and fitness coach-advocating for healthy, outdoor lifestyles. A weekend warrior, you can find Mckenzie out on the trails tackling one of Colorado's many high peaks, camping in the backcountry, fly fishing for trout all over the state, skiing, and enjoying every adventure opportunity that presents itself. 


Fort Morgan

  • Alexea

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Born and raised in Lake Geneva, WI, Megan moved to Gunnison in 2013 for college and really never looked back. She first started following Women of Colorado in 2017 going to events at Eddyline in Buena Vista and rafting in Salida. She has moved a total of 13 times since getting to Colorado here - Megan likes to think she's on the “grand tour of Colorado” at this point! When she is not moving she loves to be outside; camping, hiking, skiing, backcountry ski trekking, snowshoeing, kayaking, paddle boarding, you name it. At the beginning of May, she made the move to the Fort Collins area and she can’t wait to find an awesome girl gang to adventure with and explore this part of Colorado! 

Women of Colorado Retreat

Colorado Springs

  • Melissa

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Melissa was born and raised in Southern California and moved to Colorado in 2019 for easy access to the mountains and new places to explore. She loves to hike, camp, backpack, run, bike, ski, paddleboard, and try really any new activity that lets her get some fresh air, views, and sunshine. When she’s not outside she enjoys cooking, baking, crafts, reading, music, and naps with her cat Missy. If you get dragged along on an adventure with her there will most likely be coffee, a brewery, and some hidden food gem hunting on the itinerary. Melissa is excited to start her ambassador journey to meet more incredible ladies and make some amazing memories as well as friendships.



  • Jaccinda

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Jaccinda is a proud native of Durango, Mother of three and Grandmother of three.  Her passion is to assist people in reaching their goals, by discovering where they are in their current reality of Body & Mind and where they would like to be in those areas. She is also passionate about her home state of Colorado and exploring all the “MAGIC” it has to offer. Jaccinda looks forward to sharing her passion for fitness and a balanced lifestyle with the Women of Colorado community!

WRB02966 (1).JPEG


  • Jessica

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Jessica moved to Colorado three years ago after landing a job in the ski industry. She packed up her Jeep Cherokee and tiny tow behind trailer during the height of the pandemic to made the trek from her small town in Northeastern Connecticut. She has always been drawn to the outdoors and her love for skiing propelled her search for something more. She now runs a marketing agency, that specializes in outdoor brands. Jessica enjoys skiing during the winters and in the summer loves to SUP down the Colorado River with her long haired mini dachshund, Murphy. You can also find her attending local live music, practicing yoga, hiking, camping, disc golfing and exploring Frisco, the mountain towns she calls home. Jessica is excited to bring together incredible women who have a love for the outdoors and a passion for adventure.






Women of Colorado Ambassador


  • Meghan

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Meghan moved to Colorado at age 6, and grew up camping with her family. This upbringing brought her to love the outdoors, where she enjoys hiking, photography and camping. Her other hobbies include reading, animal rescue, travel and exploring local breweries. She feels nothing is better than encouraging women to become empowered through their connection with the outdoors.


Meghan has taken us on dog friendly hikes, brought us to community service opportunities at local animal shelters, and always brings her kind, focused personality to all our events. 

Women of Colorado Ambassador

Colorado Springs 

  • Amy

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Amy has lived in Colorado Springs her entire life. She is super passionate about getting outdoors especially with her 3 kids and dog! She digs hiking, camping, paddleboarding, snowshoeing, yoga and fitness. She is the owner of her own photography business where she does portraits, branding, and landscapes. She values community and living life to the fullest. Always on the search for the next adventure with any and all people! Keep your eyes peeled for all the ways Amy plans to bring you adventure in Colorado Springs and the surrounding areas! 

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