Women of Colorado Ambassadors represent the wide array of talented, empowered & connected women who unite others at events across the state.


We are not "just another" ambassador program.

We play an active role in our community, and inspire others through

our dedication. Each ambassador develops their own vision, talents, interests as well as cultivating new experiences within the program.

We are no longer accepting applications for the 2020 program.

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Meet Our Ambassadors


Doralene was born in, and spent that majority of her life living in the Caribbean, where her passion for sailing grew into a thirst to explore the world. She's sailed and lived all over the world, now residing in Grand Junction for the past five years. She loves mountain biking, sailing, running, swing dance, and seeking adventures. In her down time shes out traveling or reading. Her philosophy is "if you're not living live on the edge, you're taking up too much space." Doralene is a true supporter of the Colorado women's community, which is regularly demostrated through her commitment to local organizations. 

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Grand Junction

  • Doralene
Women of Colrado ambasdr Sunnie Graves

Sunnie Graves originally hails from Southern California, and now enjoys sharing the stoke as a resident of Colorful Colorado. She is a snowboard instructor in the winter and a white water raft guide in the summer. Sunnie is passionate about teaching others the skills they would like to learn, in order to empower others to live an adventurous lifestyle. Sunnie loves to explore the state through hiking, camping, and pretty much anything else that gets her in the outdoors. Sunnie has taken the Women of Colorado crew skateboarding, snowboarding and sandboarding since 2018. Her Motto: Be wild like the river.

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  • Sunnie

Mckenzie found Colorado to be her true home three years ago after packing up whatever could fit in her '99 Jeep Cherokee, leaving behind little New England to tackle bigger mountains. Mckenzie is a woman of adventure who promotes female empowerment in the outdoor community. Along side her job in the tech industry, she is also a health and fitness coach, advocating for healthy, outdoor lifestyles. A weekend warrior, you can find Mckenzie out on the trails mountain biking, tackling one of Colorado's many high peaks, camping in the backcountry, fly fishing for trout, skiing, and enjoying every adventure opportunity that presents itself.

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  • Mckenzie

Kari is an all round athlete and advocate for social causes. She has been climbing for five years, which is her greatest passion when it comes to outdoor activities. She also works in outreach for women's health and suicidal depression, and inspires others through sharing her experiences on her Art of Motion blog.  Kari enjoys yoga, long walks with her pomeranian and inspiring others to be active participants in their communities. She connected out community for a breast cancer awareness fundraiser, community service in Boulder & continues to aspire to contribute to our community by making Colorado an even better place to be!

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  • Kari

Jacqueline grew up in a small town in Colorado. Once going to college she started branching out and discovering new outdoor hobbies. Her love for fly fishing grew like wildfire and quickly made its way to her favorite hobby. After graduating nursing school she began to add international trips to her fishing adventures. You can also find her mountain biking, skiing, or rock climbing in her spare time. 

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Grand Junction

  • Jacqueline

Lindsey grew up in Pennsylvania but has been living in Colorado loves exploring the endless beauty it has to offer. She is an all-round athlete and outdoor enthusiast. She loves backpacking and has been climbing for over a decade, both of which are definitely her greatest passions when it comes to outdoor activities. Lindsey works in outreach for women with her discussion group that aims to help connect women with others who have experienced trauma and /or abuse. She aims to help others open up about challenges and change that may be going on in their lives while in a safe and supportive space. She is a big advocate of empowering women through the outdoors. When she isn't climbing or backpacking, you will find her at a yoga studio, hunting, fishing, paddle boarding or hiking. Lindsey has played a pivotal role in our ambassador program, leading retreats and events all over the state since 2018. 

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  • Lindsey
Women of Colorado ambassador Karin

Karin hails from Framingham, Massachusetts (not fah from Bahston). She got her Bachelors degree in Recreation Management from the University of New Hampshire where she was an active member in the Outing Club, leading trips and promoting the club on campus. Her hobbies include trail running, hiking to alpine lakes and peaks, practicing yoga, road biking, painting, cooking healthy meals, and trying out the best breweries in Colorado! She is STOKED to get outside and connect with the badass Women of Colorado! She has led our team in half marathons, and leads the Women of Colorado Running club on the Front Range.

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  • Karin

Meghan moved to Colorado at age 6, and grew up camping with her family. This upbringing brought her to love the outdoors, where she enjoys hiking, photography and camping. Her other hobbies include reading, animal rescue, travel and exploring local breweries. She feels nothing is better than encouraging women to become empowered through their connection with the outdoors. Meghan has taken us on dog friendly hikes, brought us to community service opportunities at local animal shelters, and always brings her kind, focused personality to all our events. 

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  • Meghan
Women of Colorado Ambassador Haley

Haley has been a resident of beautiful Colorado for three years. She leads an active lifestyle and enjoys down hill skiing in the winter and hiking in the summer. Haley is also a certified yoga teacher and travel lover, who has backpacked across Europe. She has led hikes and yoga for our community, sharing her love of the San Juan Mountains and fresh air with our community.

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  • Haley

Ryan was born and raised in Colorado, enjoying live in Aspen until she moved to the southwest where she's a mother and office manger to my husbands' dental office. She plans to head back to school in the spring for psychology. In her free time she loves to be outside whether it’s camping, hiking,

paddle boarding, skiing, yoga and traveling. Ryan brings her friendliness and zest for life into all she does. She says "I am honored to be a part of such an amazing organization with really awesome women!"

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  • Ryan

Alexea left Indiana in 2015 to explore all the Rocky Mountains have to offer – and she’s never looked back. She’s a PR pro by day and spends her evenings and weekends hiking across Colorado with her friends and dog Ranger. An advocate for those battling mental health disorders and chronic pain, she encourages women of all capabilities to seek adventure and build connections.

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Colorado Springs

  • Alexea
Women of Colorado ambassador Gloria Colorado's Women

Gloria moved to Colorado in 2013 from Illinois. She absolutely loves being in the mountains! This is when she feels most alive and herself. She is a self-proclaimed weekend warrior who appreciates hiking, backpacking, 14ers, and snowshoeing! Usually doing all that with her dog Reggie. She also enjoys checking out breweries. IPAs are her favorite! While at work she plays with numbers so Gloria especially likes activities that bring out her artistic roots. Gloria is stoked to connect with more amazing women to share interests and goals! 

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  • Gloria

Ali moved to Colorado from Illinois in 2013 and never looked back. She loves to hike, climb, run, bike- pretty much do anything that will get her outside as much as possible! She is currently working her way through the Colorado 14ers and is always looking for more ways to explore and play in the mountains! In the rest of her free time between work and school, Ali likes to travel, read, do yoga, play guitar, photography, and  spend lots of quality time with her husky, Koda.

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  • Ali

Rachel  is a skater from Denver, CO.  She joined the Women of Colorado Ambassador program to inspire & be empowered by other women to live fun, healthy active lifestyles!  When she’s not on a skating, hiking or swimming adventure Rachel loves to relax at home with her husband, 3 dogs and cat. She teaches private roller skating  lessons as the owner of Denver Skate Lessons. She has taken us out to the skate park and hooked us up with all sorts of fun in the sun!

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  • Rachel
Women of Colorado ambassador Shelly

Born and raised in Wisconsin, Shelly is a self proclaimed lover of cheese! She has lived in Colorado for over a decade, and owns a local coffee shop in Colorado Springs. She loves to get outdoors to go hiking, skiing, paddle boarding, running & backpacking. She winds down the day with some yoga, baking & sour beer sipping. Shelly is super excited to be connecting the Women of Colorado in the Colorado Springs area and has taken our group in the springs to breweries and on hikes!

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Colorado Springs

  • Shelly

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