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By RSVPing to, or buying tickets for any event hosted by Women of Colorado, you are acknowledging the risks involved with event participation and you willingly forfeit your right to file suit against Women of Colorado, event locations and Women of Colorado affiliates (ambassadors) for any reason what-so-ever, including gross negligence. By RSVPing you are acknowledging and accepting this policy without reservation and understand that this policy is non-revocable and legally binding. If someone RSVPs for you, the same policy applies and it is the person RSVPing's responsibility to relay this information to any additional guests. There are no exceptions to this policy for any events.


Please note our two strike RSVP policy. If you notify us that you chose not to attend an event which was RSVP'd for, we will no longer accept your RSVP after the second missed event.

If you are a no-call, no-show for any events, we will no longer honor your RSVP.